No matter what the situation, being accused of a crime is something that no one is fully prepared to handle. Once that accusation turns into arrest and charges, protecting your legal rights should become your number one priority. The best way to do this is by hiring a criminal defense lawyer at your earliest opportunity. While some worry that hiring a criminal defense attorney may be viewed as an admission of guilt, it is the only practical way to protect yourself from additional problems. Understanding the primary benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer should help relieve some of your concerns and show you why retaining an attorney is always a good idea.

Thorough Case Evaluation

The average person charged with a crime does not fully understand the accusations or know how his or her case will most likely be handled. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer means that your case will receive a thorough evaluation by a person who knows the legal system. During your case evaluation, you will receive honest feedback regarding how your case appears to a third party and a realistic view of what you should expect. A case evaluation done by an attorney will give you a chance to find out if you have a potentially strong defense or a weak one that will not produce favorable results without significant help.

Protection From the Police

Even after you are charged with a crime, the legal system will continue to strengthen their case against you. That usually involves using the police to gather additional evidence against you. Having an attorney provides you with some protection from the police and prevents the police from using their training to gather incriminating information from you or those closest to you. Hiring a defense attorney immediately ends the leading questioning that is commonly used by law enforcement agents to gather evidence and can even lead to damaging evidence already obtained being thrown out.

Professional Relationship with the Legal System

The average attorney in your area has represented clients in hundreds of hearings, giving that attorney a thorough knowledge of the law and a working relationship with prosecutors. After making deals with prosecutors, judges, and interacting with court officials for years, an attorney knows how best to work with the people handling the prosecution of your case. That professional relationship with members of the legal system gives your attorney insider knowledge regarding how best to present your case, what penalties you should expect to incur, and ensures that the treatment you receive is fair.

Ellis Law, LLC

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